Tuesday, January 3, 2006

happy new year

what a way to start off the year.... being sick since before christmas, and then a snow storm, and there's plenty more snow on the way. and it's not just me who's sick.. evan, jason, and everyone at day care too! so i've made dr's appointments for us.. well i'm still waiting to hear from evan's dr., but jay's at teh dr's right now, and i have an appt for 11:15... evan fell asleep, so that's how i'm able to be online :)... it's hard to get online these days when you have to fight over the computer with the 2 year old. he likes to check his email... lol... by this i mean you open a webpage, and he scrolls down the page using the mouse. it's cute. when you open the browser he says thank you, and when he gets to the bottom of the page he says "uh oh, help me" and we put it back at the top and he starts again.

the snow today is very wet and heavy... jay tried to snow blow the driveway, but our snowbloer, being old and well used, didn't want anything to do with it and said, no way... i'm gonna clog myself... so thankfully our neighbor has a new model that just threw the snow crap into oblivion... jay come in after 15 minutes... and says "i want a new snow blower" i said, "maybe next year" it usually takes him way longer than 15 minutes to do the driveway and the side walk with our snow blower b/c it's slow... oh well, it was free, and i'm just grateful that i didn't have to shovel it. most tiems i don'tmind shoveling, but the heavy crap sucks....

umass closed it's doors today! yay! and jay had a snow day too! double yay! so i called my 1 client our in barre where i was going today, and said i wasn't gonna make it out today... even though the roads aren't that bad around here, but i'm sick and umass is closed so that's a free day for me!

that's all for now..


  1. Weather sucks today. It's nasty snow.

    We've all been sick off and on too. The doctor's offices are slammed since everybody is sick. I've had a head cold for weeks.

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  2. Milk -Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Neo passes you a cup of OJ and a tissue

    Send some of that snow down here to Philly. It's been weeks since we've seen any! :)

  3. Hope the doc help's ya all out there! I've been iffy lately myself, but not out of commission yet. I've been insanely tired.

    -Thought I was havin it tough on puter....! That would drive me crazier! He must hate short web pages!
    Saw news said there was a foot in the Worchester to Amherst areas, we just had some slush which is ice right now.

  4. thanks for the OJ Neo... altho i'm beginning to wonder if these medical people lie.. i drink tons of OJ already, but i'll never turn it down.. it's my favorite! and i wouldn't wish this heavy snow crap on anyone.. next time we get a blizzard i'll be sure to tell teh weather guy to send some down for ya!

    we all went to the doctor's and successfully cam with with antibiotics, each of us with a different drug! we're all slowly starting to feel better. i'm still coughing and blowing my nose, but at least i can talk and my throat doesn't have spots anymroe! yay!

    evan's "mail" is people's blogs... i often send him to T's, b/c it's long and has bunches of pictures! lol... but he likes mine as well...

  5. Milk -HA, make sure you pack it in a freezer! Otherwise it might be water by the time it gets here. ;)

  6. Ya, this is my third sore-throat day, just really raw on awakening. hope I don't have the same, still no H-insurance...

  7. "Happy new year to you"...great way to start the new year...

  8. MB- I hope with the weekend already here that you are all feeling better. Nothing worse than everyone being sick all at the same time.
    Everyone around me has gone through the colds, sneezing, etc.
    I must have knocked on too much wood to have it bypass me so far.

    Our weather has been up and down as well. One day it's in the 40's, the next in the 60's. Can't complain, as at least we don't get snow. Believe it or not, February seems to be our month of frigid weather... but my daffodils still don't understand that as they bud in January. Go figure!

    Hope you have plenty of hot tea brewed for the sore throats!