Friday, February 3, 2006

afternoon trek to holyoke

so this afternoon evan and i picked jay up at work and trekked down to the holyoke mall b/c some new shoes were in order. shoes were found and mine and even's feet are now newly comfy:)

the most entertaining part of our trip was upon exiting filene's... lol we used the elevator and on our way out of the furniture dept, jay says, "don't you just love listening to people talk about something they know nothing about.... " we passed a saleswoman was showing a nice wood table to some customer's she said, "this is a beautiful table and is made out of hard wood... yes... it's indeed pine"... it was pretty funny... wow... do you think the customer's caught her being blatantly stupid? lol

1 comment:

  1. Ah.... good old Filenes! My Mom used to take us to the one in Boston (believe it or not)... what a madhopuse that place is! She said she did it because it tired us out and we would just get sleepy from all the bustle going on around us. Of course that was in the 60's when you could just leave your kids in the corner while you went on about your shopping pleasure.
    Hard to believe it was so many years ago! I haven't been back since my son was a baby. Of course I kept tighter reigns on him than my Mom did on us.

    Looks like the saleslady there needs some training!