Monday, February 27, 2006

what do you mean i have to go back to work??

yeah, yeah.. i know... i just spent a week at the cape, so i can't complain right? i did read some blogs while i was there, but vacation is vacation so a vacation from typing i took. did that make sense? oh well... i did to me.

we had a great time down at the cape, atleast i did.. everyone got to sleep in late... to 8 am... evan on our last day slept to 9:45, and i woke him up! he never does that he's usually up by 7:30 at the latest unless we're in the bed too. we spent a bunch of tie with my sister and nephew and some time with my mom, who barely got to see teh grandboys b/c they were both exhausted and tired so they all went to bed early.. oh well. we spent a few good days with mom's computer fixing it up for her, so now it works well, and has the anti-virus software set to "super paranoid". lol... only she has to figure some things out with the new windows XP! all in all i think once she gets to know and love her new OS she'll be happy :)

evan and i took a bunch of pictures over the week... and when our puter at home stops wiggin' out i'll be more than happy to share said pictures with you all. i suppose i could do it using the laptop, we'll see...

but i can't chat much more at the moment, i have to head off to wilbraham for work today. hopefully i post more this afternoon, and catch up posting on everyone's blogs!

hope all are well and not frozen! it's damn cold out today! wind chills about -15 to -20 last night! yikes!


  1. I'm so glad you had a great time at the Cape. If all goes well this summer, and business picks up, I want to make a trip up to NE.

    It was so nice of you to get Snaggles puter back on track. They are such a pain in the butt when they're down, as you get so used to having one. It's like being without a washing machine!

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Evan's an early riser, too, huh? Ella wakes up at about 6:30 everyday.

    I want to go to the Cape. You're lucky cause you're there all the time. I haven't been there in years and I had never gone at this time of year. Always in the summer.

  3. Mmmmm... vacation. I'm glad you guys had a good time. It makes me a little sad now that we're all "adults" how little we see each other, even among siblings. I have to feed mine just to get her to show up! That's okay though, I don't mind. I was always looking for free food when I was in college too. Anyhoo, can't wait for the pics!

  4. ellen- you should definatly come up this summer... you'll be amazd how different the 'Ham.... i'm always amazed when i return. often we get off the highway in west 'Ham and drive through b/c i'm always intrigued by what's new and what's gone. it's sad to think about sometimes.

    t- i usually wake evan up at 7... he often doesn't go to bed until 9:30 or 10... and it doesn't matter what time he wakes up, he's often not tired when we'd like him to hit the sack.

    the cape is nice this time of year. there's no tourists. and the snow just makes things gorgeous. i miss living there. miss the beach and the people, so i like to visit when i can, which i don't think is often enough!

    kel- i know what you mean.. christine and i made coffee/playdates while we were down! lol.

    christine has up some pictures from the trip on her blog if you want to check them out

  5. MB - Glad you had fun. Look forward to the snaps.

    I know Snags is super happy to be able to type again. Props to your guy for helping her out. If I lived up near there I'd have come by and helped her myself.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  6. neo- i know you would have... snags has got a bunch of good friends on here