Wednesday, February 15, 2006

sorry for the delay, folks

how many regular readers do i have out there anyway??? i know there are lurkers out there who done't comment, and then those who do, and also the ones who's puter's aren't cooperating and can't comment...

anyhoo, it' sbeen a while since my last post, or so it seems anyway. since i last left you or computer decided to commit suicide and fried itself or something. we had trevor come over and assist jason with the replacement surgery with his computer. trying to find the problem is a matter of trial and error... imagine if they did that at the hospital.. let's try the kidney, no wait, that didn't work how about the appendix... but i degress. after a few hours of computer parts surgery it was determined that our motherboard fried itself. the processor is still good, but we've also been having issues with our hard drive.. something got screwed up so we had to reformat and reinstall and then it was being crappy again yesterday so we have to reformat again b/c something is corrupted... what a apain.. but atleast i have the laptop to use in the meantime. the funny part is that when you put in the windows cd it tells you press escape to format and do a fresh install... well.... our esc doesn't work nor does the A key b/c evan spilt his juice on the keyboard 2 nights ago. we can't seem to keep keyboards any longer than a year before soemthing happens to them... that's why we buy the $12 model at we can't win, but hopefully the puter will be fixed sometime soon

on friday we're leaving to go to the cape to visit our friend and my family. haven't seen them in a while. we'll be there a week! a whole week away from home.. woohoo! we're staying at our friend's apt who lives in pocasset which is perfect b/c it's a free place to stay. the main reason we often don't go to the cape to visit my family is b/c until tyler moved down about 6 months ago, there was no where for us to stay that didn't cost a minimum of $90/ night, off-season... in season is a joke, unless your rich... and that $90 room is at the days inn in middleboro... which if anyone is familiar with the area about 20 minutes give or take to my old stomping grounds in Onset. but we're very exciting about the trip. the only plans we have so far are to visit with the family over teh weekend (and trev and tyler of course) and try to fix my mom's computer while she's at work. hopefully it won't take longer than a day or so. we'll have to pray..

evan has started going on the potty, but only occasionally, and often before bed. diapers are still preferred at this point. lol...

oh so the nor'easter we got, turned out to be a dud... atleast our here in the pioneer valley. jay and i were a somewhat disappointed.... we were looking forward to a big snow... well the eastern half the state got it, oh and longmeadow, munson and palmer. apparantly only a handful of town in southeastern hampden county got the predicted amount the rest of us got like 3 inches, tops... wait, trev said in erving they got 8 or so, but i say he doesn't count... he lives on a mountain.

so how have you all been?... hopefully not as crazy as here


  1. MB - Wow, that sucks about your computer, sounds like maybe the poor thing shorted out. You might wanna check your powerstrip before you hook up the next system too it. With the weather you get up north you can never be too sure.

    Good luck with the repair.

    That 90 bucks a night is crazy! That better come with a case of beer and breakfast, lunch, and dinner! LOL

    We got the snow down here. About a foot of it!

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  2. MB~ Ouch! Been ther, done that with the computer myself. Surgery took a week, temper longer.

    I heard about the snow, and called my brother to see how he fared. He was moving out of Marlboro, MA and up to NH same weekend. Marlbore got dumped, but nothing in NH.

    Be sure to give your Mom a big hug for me, and I hope you enjoy your time at the Cape. Just thinking about the Cape makes me want to pack my bags... but I'll have to wait for summer......

  3. thw power strip is fine... it was just a bizarre moment when i realized the computer was dead... my son and i went out for a ride to dunkin donuts, and came back and the computer was off and the light on the monitor was blinking.... so i trid to boot it up, and it sad hell no...

    but we seem to be working again. another reformat later. cross your fingers... it's not often that our computers shit the bed, but when they do, they let us know about it!

    neo- the expensive hotels come with the booze, but for a price... i wish the hotels came with free beer! it would be a nice way to compensate for the outrageous prices. and i don't want a flippin' continental breakfast either... make me some waffles goddamn it!!

    ellen-i'll be sure to give mom a hug for ya! when i heard that the cape was getting a blizzard, i called mom to let her know. i know she doesn't get to watch the news that much now that she's working again.

    you better wait for summer to visit... the cape is just miserable in the winter... most the houses are empty, and it hardly ever snows nowadays, so often it's cold and yucky with no snow... the weather guy said it got into the low 50's yesterday out here. our snow is pretty much gone, and today is supposed to be warm too. i'm sure it will be all gone by the end of the day!

  4. That sucks about your computer. Just buy a new one. They're not worth messing with.

    I was glad the snow storm sort of fizzled out. It started out strong and then five minutes later it was done. Now we have no snow. Woo-hoo!

    Have fun at the Cape!

  5. MB - I know what you mean. An orange and a cup of coffee don't exactly fill ya up. LOL

  6. Thank you MB n J for all your hard work so I could type again!
    Muchas Gracias!
    n I didn't even need to copy n paste at all... !!!