Tuesday, March 7, 2006

music to my ears!

i feel like a new person.... i got some new cd's for the first time in years! yes.. i said years..lol...

i got audioslave- out of exile, staind- chapter V, and nickleback- all the right reasons. their all great and of course there are more i'd like, like theory of a deadman, shinedown and green day... to name a few.

things here are still good... the weather is finally giving us a break.. being all sunny and warm(ish) and stuff... i've been driving with my windows down! i just love it when it gets above 35! lol... when the temps get to above 50 on a regular basis, i break out my sandals... which may just be my teva flip flops left over from last summer until i get some new ones or a job that requires i wear clothes and shoes that are more than the casual ones i've been wearing for years.

i'm also thinking about getting a season pass to the greenfield swimming hole for me and evan this summer for my days off i have with him... i just wonder how much they are. swimming in pools is nice and all but it's not the same as swimming in a body of water... of course we don't have beaches with oceans out here, which is my preferred locale b/c i grew up at the beach, but we have rivers and ponds and stuff which are the next best thing you can get... only their wicked cold out here thanks to underwater springs and whatnot, such as at puffers pond in amherst... perhaps i'll go there this summer... that's atleast free to park! the greenfield swimming area is a river they dam up, and it's got play equipment made out of concrete..lol... you think they'd update it with the plastic thing-a-ma-jigs they have now that aren't the ancient things that people my age grew up playing on... update for crying out loud!

at my recent jaunt to the cape i was talking with my sister about the "big park" aka lopes field while we and the babes were playing at the "little park" aka hammond school.... she mentioned how it's a dump and rundown.. god.. it's hard to believe it was built 20 years ago!... that's right.. i remember when i was in teh first grade they sat us all down and asked us what type of things we'd like to see there, and then in the second grade it was built.. i remember walking down there with the class for a mini-field trip.. everyone had a ball... i remember i needed to use the bathroom and the only place was the good ol' Onset Pub across the street.. lol... those stalls were the tiniest things known to man.... your knees hit the door while you were on the throne... and this is coming from the memory of someone who was 7 at the time... talk about tight quarters! lol

okay i best get back to work, for i am typing at work. talk to you all later


  1. Glad to hear that the weather is finally warming up! I'm sure it does much for the spirits.
    We get cold in the mornings, but it heats up to 60's during the day.
    I can't wait to turn the heat off altogether!

  2. how to tell i grew up in new england.... i'm ecstatic when the temps get over 35 degrees so i can drive with the windows down.....lol... that same day i nocticed a woman on campus all bundled up as if she were in alaska.. she must've grew up in th south... they wear their things until its like 60 degrees out! lol

  3. mb~ LOL! How very true! I found that my blood has thinned down since I've been down here, and the least bit of cold has me running for sweatshirts and the like.

    Also~ I called my brother to find out the name of the churches we used to go to in Wareham. One was St. Patrick's, which is located near Tobey Hospital. The other, that we used to like a lot, was St. Anthony's.... located way out in the woods somewhere in W.Wareham. It's probably been all over-developed now, though, huh?

  4. Ellen, I bet ya mean "The Church in the Pines" - I drive by that road on the way to work.

    Hi MB, I've got the windows down n home heat off too! I'm not ready for sandals yet, tho...

  5. snaggle~
    I remember that St. Anthony's was real small... probably only 10 pews on each side... but it had a bell tower outside, and an older lady used to come out and ring it before service. She must have been around 90 years old then.
    Is it still around?

  6. Ellen, According to the newspaper, the only Roman Catholic churchcalled St Anthony's is located a couple towns over in Mattapoisett, 22 Barstow St

    MB, wasn't Saturday a winner? Today's raining again...

  7. The Greenfield Swimming pool, huh? I don't know. I thought about it but after the e.coli thing last year and all the problems they have over there, I'm not going to. I think I'm going to get one for Laurel Lake. It's only $35 a season.