Monday, March 13, 2006

life's been crazy around here

so the past week has been full of exciting things.. good and gross. first off the weather on saturday was fantabulous, altho i didn't see certain neighbors outside. good news for ya T.... linda (aka loud neighbor between our houses) says that cecil will be living with her parents starting july, so no we won't have her around much longer. i'm only sad a little bit b/c evan likes to play with her, but i'm glad at the same time because she only plays with him when no one else is available... besides she's loud and very bossy. and linda says that if you see patrick riding in places he's not supposed to, such as your lawn, tell him to stop... we got the okay to put him in his place!
oh and those stupid dogs... they've moved to northfield, apparantly...

on saturday we went to home depot and bought wood and built ourselves a really basic swing set... came out pretty good if i do say so myself... of course we finished it at 6:30 and it's been raining for the past 2 days so poor evan hasn't been ablt to use it much. but we're happy with it. i also took advantage of the super soggy lawn and scraped up some grass around my garden to make it bigger.

T. had mentioned on her blog recently about how her cat likes to bring them furry surprises... well, on saturday night i moved the laundry basket in our bedroom to do some laundry and we discovered a half eaten mouse.. quite gross... i think the cat brought it in the night before when i let her in, and i couldn't see if anything was in her mouth because the light was off... thanks caelan... really.. we needed that LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD!

daycare cancelled for tomorrow because she has the flu... that sucks, now i'v got to reschedule b/c evan's sitters are unavailable.... i hate rescheduling appts. but it's okay i've already made a possible playdate!

i can't wait for the warm weather to continue... the worst part about spring in greenfield is waiting for mud season to finish up.. i was an inch deep in mud yesterday while in the garden.

so some of you know that we've been having issues with our PC... it' s been a couple months now that it hasn't been running. we've replaced many of the innards.. including the motherboard and hard drive. we first got a new motherboard and the puter was still being stupid.. couldn't figure it out... so we gave up after many weeks and brought it to a place... they said it was the hard drive.. okay, so we got a new hard drive... we still couldn't get it to work... trying installing windows several times, tried everything we could thing of and it still wasn't working... so we brought it to the computer place on campus.. good ol' trusty OIT as UMass... a week later (today) we get a call... your mother board is bad and it'll cost $239 to fix... i was the one on the phone.. "what?! that is a brand new motherboard! we just bought it!" so after hanging up and calling the husband to discuss, we determined to not have them fix it, and we'll return the motherboard... so needless to say we're not happy about it,but atleast the diagnoses will only cost $40, not $239. someday we'll have teh pc up and running, and not having to rely on the laptop for all our home computer needs... not that' it's bad, but it's principle really.

hope everyone stays warm, and out of the way of tornadoes!


  1. It's funny how our technology has put us in the position of slaves to it's whims. When my computer crashed, I literally suffered DT's, and had to find other ways to occupy my time... like cleaning the house, and paying attention to my gardens again. Not only is my computer work-related, it's also become fun-related. When it was down... so was I.

  2. Tag- check my bloggity blog blog :)

  3. Well, we've been spared the 110 tornadoes, but look-out, here comes winter for another week or two! Can't believe you're having so much trouble with your machine still!
    Ya, I do the dumbest things when I can't do this...
    At least ya don't hafta pick-up the doggie-do anymore! n still alive, bleeding mice are worse to find... Mischief did a few- none lately though.

  4. caelan brought us an injured, not dead yet, chipmunk when wehn lived in our old place.... she set it down and off it went... it took us close to 2 hours to get it back out side... not my idea of fun