Monday, December 18, 2006

a rant.

i'm still itchy all over my belly and now my forearms. the doctor said it looked like hives and to take benadryl, or use the lotion if i wnat to avoid beign sleepy. i can't figure out what i'm allergic to. i dont' have allergies. but i did expect to develop some after evan was born.. well i guess i deveoped one this time around. the weird thing is, is that i haven't eaten or used anything that is new to me, so i'm having a hard time trying to figure out what causing all these little itchy bumps. i've had them for over a week now. i htink it may be the name brand tums or soemthing.. i've always consumed the generic ones, but jay bought some real ones at the grocery store for me recently when i was running low. who knows, so i'm going to try and remember to pick up some rolaids instead.

evan woke up at 1:15 or so this morning wide eyed and bushy tailed... great. he didn't fall back asleep until 6 this morning.. yeah so me and jay are working today on about 2 hours of sleep. woo. i bet you hear the excitement. the good news is that we got all of the Christmas presents wrapped last night, and i did jay's this morning after he left for work.. why not the kid was asleep and i had an hour to kill. still haven't shipped the package out that's going to the cape. hopefully today or tomorrow. we're hunting for a box that's big enough for our nephews present. apparantly my sister bought our son an electronic drum set. ha. whatever...

got to drag the kid out the door and into the car while he' s sound aleep now. thank god for global warming so i don't have to weasel him into a coat in the process. and my regular coat won't really zip any more either so thank god it's still prety warm out until i find one that will fit around my monster gut. i refuse to pay alot of money for a coat i only plan to wear for a couple of months.

enjoy your day.. i hope to take a nap when i get home, as long as i don't accidentally fall asleep driving to sutton and charlton today.


  1. MB - Hmmmm, that's strange, I've never been pregs; obviously. I've never heard of itching as a result.

    Drum set? Oh man, did they send that gift with earplugs? LOL.....

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  2. itching can happen when the skin streches.. apparantly, it's normal.. it didn't happen to me last time. i'm just curious as to where the hives came from....

    and as far as i know my sister did NOT include earplugs, but i dont' think she's had a chance to ship it yet either.

  3. Maybe there's a dye or preservative in the tums you're reacting too-

    I did start having allergies after having you, guess body chem changes are more drastic from pregnancy- hives do take weeks to clear- good luck-
    I'm on benadryl again myself-

    Bet you could show off pretty good on those tom-toms... (parents get to play with the toys too)!

  4. Hey, I noticed ya got a hit from Hawaii ! cool