Thursday, December 28, 2006

ok kiddo... time to flip around.

so i had a doctor's appt this morning. my little dude is still in breech postition. i'm not happy about this. if he doesn't get his ass in gear and flip around it looks like i might have to have a c-section. not that there's anything particularly wrong with a c-section itself, but i don't want to have to go through the recovery of the surgery. i've never had surgery. i'd like to keep it that way. from what i understand recovery form a c-section takes many, many weeks.. and you pretty much can't do a damned thing that may in any way put stress on your body. i can only assume this includes most activites involving my 3 year old... like for instance.. getting up and down on the floor to play or even picking him up... he weighs in over 40 lbs these days! and most mornings i have to carry him downstairs to wake up before daycare. he's still little, and still requires to be carried on occasion.. when sleeping, or just for comfort, and the poor little guy won't understand why i won't be able to carry him, and getting ready in the mornings will be a disaster seeing as how he'll still be going to daycare while i'm on maternity leave. even if he doens't go.. we still have to pay b/c that's the way daycare works, so we might as well have him go. and i don't want to stray too much from our routine, such as letting him sleep in for those 6 weeks.. will screw us all up.. this kid doesn't adjust well to the time change.. gets all out of whack, so we need to stay as normal as possible.

so needless to say the CNM suggested two weeks ago to to the "breech tilts" or whatever which involves getting on my knees, and my head on a pillow.. i tried it that first day and all the blood rushed to my head in aboput 30 seconds, and was just downright painful in the face.. lol.. i know sounds funny, but it's true. so i didn't do it again that day.. and well forgot about it for the two weeks.. between working and dealing with Christmas stuff, i completely forgot about. so now i have to do it twice a day for 20 mins at a whack. great.. but i'll do it b/c i don't want a c-section unless i have to.


  1. Sending you lots of "flip" vibes! C'mon little dude, you can do it!

  2. MB - Hmmmmm, try watching some gymnastics on the TV? ;) Maybe that'll give the little bundle a hint.

    Good luck. I'm sure everything will work out.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  3. Yep, it'll be tough on little Ev no matter what, especially not being the only kid, but he'll prob be better at adjusting than you give him credit for, as long as he gets his sleep, at least!

    Never heard of "tilts" before- I hope it works! So far, in the fam Carol was the only one who had c-secs, I wonder what advice she may have if you ask-!

    Who needs drugs or wine when you can do "head-rush" twice a day?
    (bad joke attempt)

  4. neo- if my husband has anything to say about it, he would let me watch gymnastics.. but i like to watch it anyway.. besides.. the baby is already got bouncing all around down pat.

    i'm sure evan will be alright, but awfully confused as to why i need to spend a couple days in the hospital. right now we're just trying to get him out of diapers beofre the baby comes.