Sunday, December 10, 2006


third trimester has begun.. it bagn a couple of weeks ago actually, but i'm not good at updating, so suck it up. my belly is definatly bigger, and i complain baout being fat.. although that usually happens when i need to bend over to pick something up ot squeeze by someone and can't fit. lol. at my last dr's appointment i had gained 2 lbs in the past month and 2 cm of belly. my stomach has becoem super itchy this past week. it's annoying.. it the type of itchy you get when you have dry skin, only i dont' have dry skin on my belly b/c i lotion the damn thing all the time hoping to cut down on any more strech marks. i go to the doc's again on weds.. we're into the every 2 weeks for appoints time. holy cow! where has the time gone. the baby's room is full of wine making crap right now.. we got 2 aging in the carboys.. a shiraz and a riesling. we have sooooo much wine in our basement like about 100 bottles... probably more... if not now then definately after we bottle the 2 batches that are up in the baby's room. yeah.. we're lazy about it this one. not even the crib is up. whatever. we were waiting until after christmas to do all that stuff.

speaking of which we just had our christmas party last night.. it was a hit.. everyone, but me, got loaded... it was pretty funny. and because we had the party our downstairs is pretty damn clean if i say so myself! we tend to have alot of clutter simply b/c we don't have any drawers to anythign to put stuff in, we've been looking at getting a cabinet thing with drawers for the kichen and a smaller sized draer chest for the dining room... but we have no extra money for that so... we're just looking and not buying. such is life i guess.

one of our friends, and older man in his 50's, called me "eureka" last night, and it made me smile and brought on immediate memories of being called that as a child from my great uncles, and grandfather. i still have an uncle that calls me that once in a blue moon, but that's old hat.


  1. Eureka! I've struck Gold!
    that was a line in 50 old western films...

    I had a long comment yesterday when it said I had to do a google acct to comment, so I lost it!

    what was the rest of that...

    Oh yeah,
    Ya gonna feed the new baby lotsa wine (whine)?

    Better not wait TOOOO Lonnnggg, ya remember what happened last time!

  2. MB - Just send any of that unwanted wine this way. ;)

    Good luck with the itch. :)

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo