Friday, September 2, 2005

back on school time

we're back on school time out here.. getting up the crack of dawn, going to bed at 10 pm, not much you can do when your husband is a teacher.... but frankly i've deteremined that i don't mind gettin up so early ( 6-6:30) as long as i can go to bed by 11 at the latest. and now i let evan sleep and i come downstairs and putz around.. be put some bed rails on our bed so he can't roll off. the good one i got for free from one of my clients, and the other onw we got at a yard sale for $2. then i put a gate at the bedroom door so he can't fall down the stairs..w orks out well, and i get a little piece and quiet until about 7am when he usually calls for me to let him out. speaking of yard sales perhaps i'll go check out the ads for this weekend....

it's interesting how one types more on their blog knowing that people actually read it. i just spent 15 min or so reading all my old blogs, and when i first started i only posted once or so a month, if that, but as people got reading, i got typing...

jason's job is going very well ( i was tempted to type "very good" but nanny starting correcting me in my brain, and she won... she always did) i'm glad he finally has a job doing something he's always wanted to do. meanwhile i'm still waiting to hear from umass on the real estate class... i'm very much looking ofrward to it, and getting in a job where i don't have to drive all over hell and back..e besides i'd like to have another baby soon, but i'm not going to get pregnant while i'm still doing this job and risk going into labor somewhere near timbucktoo. remeber evan? well he was three weeks early. god, i'll never forget the incredible uncomfortableness the days prior to delivery.. next time i'll know what it means.

anyhow, i'll have to drive doing real estate, but not to boxford/topsfield nor to great barrington several times a month every month. there are definatley worse jobs out there, but i'm just getting sick of the driving... i feel that it's contributing to me getting fat. driving ofen 4-5 hours a day and stopping at quick places to eat, while i'm out... one can only eat so many sandwiches before her head falls off. lately i've been trying to cut calories to an extent when eating out... not much, but it makes me feel a little better... thus said, subway needs a drivethru... not b/c i'm lazy, but for when i have my son with me and i don't want to drag him in.

jason got his diploma in the mail a couple of days ago.. i feel as though i should through him a party, but he's already started school so now it's too late. and who wants to drive across the state with gas prices like they are? no one!

btw, i was thinking of having a halloween party for evan's birthday on oct 30th for the babies if you're interested... but i was also going to have a seperate party for family after his birthday. no real details yet though.

i think that's it for now. time to check out the tag sale ads. (that's west. mass lingo for yard sale, why i don't know, but it is...)

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  1. Driving... I just had to edit my post acausa the price at the cheapest place is up to 3.35 today!
    Prez-B is aworkin on the spin-control against the hard question news right now.
    Yep, the more who read, the more I right. I'm writin a thing now about how I swore at the bank-teller today by saying the four-letter "f" word, "FUEL."
    To drive is a luxury...
    I can't even afford tag sales this week, never mind a joy-ride!