Saturday, September 10, 2005

what to blog?

so i've had the need to blog the past fe days, but i dont' really have anything important to say.

i'm glad guests have arrived at otis so not only do they have a good place to stay but also for all the volunteers who put in long hours to hear that they may not even show up at all. these people need homes and i'm glad that our governor offered up camp edwards to them. so far i think it's the only thing i think i can be happy about what the governor did.

we had a good time at the county fair today... mom-in-law kathy got a table unde the craft tent... sales had been slow when we left around 2, but there was still the rest of today and all of tomorrow to sell stuff... she's just hoping to mak back the cost for the table...$85. speaking of which she has my sewing table so i'm currently unable to work on my sewing projects. one is evan's halloween costume which shouldn't take me long once i can get sewing. the other is a christmas gift, but i'm not saying for who b/c i don't want to ruin the surprise. i just hope to get it finished by christmas. oh crap i forgot to buy christine's birthday present. i'll do it tomorrow for sure.. can't forget... can't forget.

i've been h ooked on reading Michael Connelly books.. if your looking for something good, pick up anything of his he writes about murders in LA. they are very good and suck you in... i told myself i couldn't read any more of his stuff until go got my sewing done, but seeing as how i'm without my sewing table i don't have a choice but to read when even goes to bed :)

most outrageus tv moments is on and a dog just took a dump on the stage of a morning news show.. ha ha ha. and a cat food brand named "pussy".. that's a good one. these shows can be funny, but jason doesn't like them.. no big loss really.

i've got to run... evan's got a nugget for me.. i can see it bulging in the diaper.... oh the joys


  1. i love it when dogs take dumps and cats eat pussy!!! aand i really love it when my sis forgets my presents.....!!!!! i want presents!!!! give me presents!!!!

  2. BBM Did you already eat my prez? I'm still workin on a card, not done with Kev's either...

    MB I do that on my blog all the time, no reason, find stuff while in the act...

  3. Always remember, w hen at the dog track, the rule of thumb is...if a dog takes a dump while walking to the starting 20 BUCKS ON HIM, CAUSE HE'S GONNA WIN!!!
    On a different note? When do you have time to read an entire book? I haven't done that since I was pregnant!!!