Saturday, September 17, 2005

sorry, i'm lazy

i would just like to say that i've been a bad blogger. i visit everyone else 's blog's everyday, and often several times a day expecting a new post... but here i am.. what, a week since my last post? i have no excuse.. i'm just lazy or quickly reading and not commenting b/c i'm fighting with evan to keep the monitor on, or for him to not hit keys on the keyboard sending me off in various realms of the web.

my real estate class started this week... it seems okay.. we spent almost 2 hours just doing intros and reasons for taking the class... but it was good, and then we stated on the basics, terminology and the like.. it was right out of the first chapter of the book that i was only one of the few that bought ahead of time. i probably wouldn't have worried about it, but i know how professors at UMass are... they like to have homework due for the first day of class... that's right folks... before class even starts your often expected to have read the first chapters of your books and/or your intros for the first class... so i did i read the intro, and probably for the first time i didn't feel behind on the first day of class. it took me 4 years of college to figure this out... and i didn't realize it of course until after i graduated. soemtimes i can be so blonde it scares even me... which says something b/c i've put up with being blonde my whole life... you'd think i've experienced all the blondeness i'm capable of.... not true. i often surprise myself with myself...

i'm a proud graduate of Watroba's Space Academy, where i graduated with the title of "Space Cadet". Amanda enrolled shortly after me, and then Kim too... both have which since graduated. and now Tammy remains as the sole "Space Captain". i must say that she was never spacey at work not like me and amanda. i assume it was b/c she worked the day shift only, where as amanda and i would often work nights and then come in the next morning. i'm glad i don't work there anymore... i hated that job. i like the people.. the customers and my co-workers, but the actual job of working in a family grocery store and deli, just stunk.

so now i sample water for MassHighway Dept.... they get complaints from people all over the state saying that their (well) water is contaminated with road salt, and they'd like somehting done... so they send me to go to their house every month for a year and grab samples. whoopdie do. it's not a bad job and it pays well considering i only work 3 days a week, and i get to make my own schedule, but i jsut don't want to do it anymore. i'm sick of driving to Great Barrington and then to Boxford and then off to Lakeville, plus many other towns in between...

and that's why i'm taking this real estate class... driving around the county or eveen the valley doesn't bother me as long as i don't have to drive clear across the state to be at someones house for less than an hour. but see i'm smart... (i think) i'm not going to leave my current job until i can find out if i can make money doing real estate.. we'll see where it takes me.

lunch just beeped, so i'm off and then to put evan for a nap


  1. It's a rough life, lazily blogging... I like it cause it's almost like emailing everyone at once to save time !
    I'm not formally in school, but I'm always reading way too much non-fiction.. right in the middle of medical terminology, I just started reading 2 Make mags full of mechanical, circuit board projects, and all kinds of geek projects (used at Amazon)
    I'm good at and like learning, just hate being pushed by teachers...
    I even have some RE materials I haven't finished with yet.n A bit dry, cause it would help if I could buy something ( I know I can't yet) Have fun at school!

  2. I'm getting ready to take the IL real estate classes in Chicago!

  3. ont worry about blog laziness....... we all do it once in awhile.... in fact i'm in the middle of one now.......*yawn*

  4. I could handle working only 3 days a week, but not the driving. Try the Boston to Clearwater route just once and you'll understand where I'm coming from.(I've done it three times)

    I was considering RE myself, but it's not something I can activiely pursue wihtout having to quit my current job, which I love. Maybe someday though...

    And by the way, when can you find time to read with a little one???

  5. i read after he goes to bed, while i'm in bed, or sometimes on the job if i'm working outside or the client isn't around... sometimes i read while he's playing the the backyard... it's fenced in so he can't escape.. mwa ha ha ha!

    and you can keep the mass to Fl drive for yourself... when we come down we'll fly especially with evan... but only if the rates affordable... othewise we'll have to wait... we drove to niagara falls and that was a nightmare on the way out... we left so early in the morning evan barely slept on the way there... felt like driving to millenocket only on a straighter road with intervals of exit, rest stop, cop, exit, rest stop, cop.. etc.. the whole way.. and the exits weren't that close at least so it seemed. flights to buffalo are atleast $300 +/-.. too expensive some flights were $1500!