Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i'm obsessed with talking about my kid

i can't help it, he's super cute, except when he's tired and cranky, but that doesn't happen too often. when this is the case he often wants boob. last night he screamed bloody murder for about 15 minutes flailing all over the place b/c he woke up and he wanted some boob and i wouldn't give him any... that's right folks, we're still boobin' as i call it... even says "boo" lol... at some point while boobin' i said "honestly evan... how many guys get as much boob as you and still complain they can't get enough?" tyler and trev laughed. it was funny...

here are a few pictures of evan 2 nights ago... it's been chilly at nighttime around here, so after his bath i put in him is footy pj's that i bought last winter b/c the 2T's were too small.. these are the 3T's, and i'm telling you that they won't last the whole winter.. gerber clothes if ind tend to run small... well at least their pj's, thermal underwear and long john's... b/c last winter when evan was wearing the 2T i had to buy 3T b/c his stomach was hanging out of the shirts.. lol
let's remind everyone that evan isn't even 2 years old and is comfortable wearing size 3T (which is intended for 3 year-old toddlers) he can still wear his 2T's though which is good, but if anyone is planning on clothes for gifts for eith birthday or christmas... 3T is the way to go.

the night i put evan in these pj's i went to herb's blog and read that he was sweating bullets.. ha ha ha.. usually chicago is colder than us! altho i hear we're in for a bad winter... great...

the second picture here came out well.. until i noticed jason yawning in the back... oh well. and the 3rd picture is good too, if you like looking at people who roll their eyes.. well evan looked cute anyhow. i accidentally just deleted the picture, so now i have to wait for it to upload again.

while at a clients house today i was talking about how i need more shoes and how a gay guy in chicago has more shoes than me... he laughed... my client said that if he could he would have tons of shoes too... he is also gay. :) of course i knew that, but it was funny.

it's dinner time now, so i'm signing off!

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