Saturday, September 24, 2005

my name is erica, and i have an addiciton...

i'm addicted to reading other peoples blogs... perhaps it's b/c i'm a person who has a very bad tendency to be curious/nosey, which i've been since i was little. perhaps i have OCD- blogging, but not typing blogs but rahter just reading them to find out what people are up to. who knows... it could be a subconcieous way for me to be reaching out to others.. to communicate with a wider circle of people.. such as family that lives far away or friends who live far away too.. that sounds better a little less crazy...

this is the current radar for Rita from all i have to say is holy cow.. that is a big storm with lots of rain... i'm glad to see that the feds were already there and moving in before it even hit.. it just sucks that it has to take a tragedy like katrina to wake up our gov't. let's all hope that the communities dont' disappear that that new orleans doesn't flood much more than it has already!

it is past my bedtime, so we're going to hit the sack.

oh wait it's janelle's birthday today, but i don't have her number or anything since she jumped off the face of the earth, so if any one sees janelle f. please wish her a happy birthday for me...

* please note that this is a different janelle than the one who has a blog link on my page so don't wish her a happy birthday, she may get confused


  1. last time i saw janelle she was working at the tedeschis in bourne and my car was in the process of braking down or something so i couldn't talk to her..... by the way... nice hedgehog... addict

  2. I've been doing lots of blog-hopping lately! Got to another one way off in NZ!
    I see the levees went down again, and plenty of neighborhoods are under the flow next door, LA to TX. Been wacthin msnnbc today.