Wednesday, January 11, 2006

sometimes life just gets in the way

i love catching up on the blog and being able to type for you all, but life has been crazy lately.... we've all been sick, but finally we're feeling better.. not 100% yet, but getting close... i finally got a nights sleep where my coughing didn't wake me up... evan's woke me up, but that's a different story.

i realized the other day that i dont' really have any recent pictures of us to post... didn't take much if any over christmas... we did video christmas this year tho. who wants pictures of people blowing their noses all the time... it's just not attractive, so you all will have to wait a little bit, but then i promise i'll get some pictures up for you.


  1. Wow, you guys just can't seem to get over the cold, huh? That sucks. Glad to hear it's starting to ease up.

    Don't worry. Winter will be over before you know it. A few more months. Stay positive.

  2. BTW, what happened to your my space? I saw the bulletin that you were taking it down. Just wondering what happened. I've been thinking about taking mine down too. I read something about people being stalked that have My Space pages and it freaked me out.

  3. i took it down b/c i didn't really need it anymore... i got everyones aim names and emails tht i talked with anyway....

    i hadn't been stalked or anything,b ut that is freaky...

    btw i had a dream the other night where you and your husband came over and we all went out without the kids in tow... i remember driving around, but other than that i dont' remember much other than we had a good

  4. hhhmmmm. She's dreaming about me?! LOL.

    I'm glad you weren't being stalked on my space. Other than the guy who asked to buy a pair of my underwear, I haven't had any weird experiences. I don't even use the my space thing. It's kind of pointless cause I have the other blog.

  5. Hi, that's odd cause I went there n read all the message board stuff like Tuesday... did ya save the grad pic? I wanted it but need to fix puter first. sorry makin ya wait for pix ya wanted, should make sure they don't get infected...

  6. that's okay mom... i forgot about it anyhow...
    you can ask melissa to send you the picture, she's the one who posted it