Friday, January 27, 2006

here i am again...

evan's sleeping, it's still early enough he's not done sleeping yet. i've had a pretty good week. we got snow the other day about 7" +/- and it was great snow for snowman making! woohoo! so while jays was doing the driveway, and evan as supervisor, i went to work on my first snowman onf the year! all our snow to date has been powder, except the one storm where it was so heavy it was pretty much water. my snowman came out well. it wasn't nearly as big as the one my mom and i made back in april of 97 after the blizzard (which was taller than me!) but it was still a good size, probably to my chin or so... that's right i said "was".... 2 nights ago he lost his head.. after the first night he was leaning a little backwards, and was still missing his arms, so i straightened him out and gave him some arms, no face or clothes, but atleast some arms. the next we woke up, i turned on the porch light as usual, so the paperboy doesn't kill himself, and there my creation was.... headless, smashed into little pieces on the ground behind him... i chuckled and called out to my husband... "hey the snowman lost it's head!".. he goes, "yeah i saw that" and we both chuckle.. oh well, they never last long, and when they do, they look pitiful after a few days, falling apart, and melting in places almost as if they're anoriexic... at that point i often just kick them down b/c it looks so pitiful, not that i'm saying i'd kick a perrson who's anorexic... i wouldn't, that's mean, but the snowman is different... it's like the lawn ornament that stays out all year, it's pathetic and needs to be taken care of... it melts faster if it's in pieces on the ground.

this is all that is left of my snowman... he's in pretty good shape, except is head is a lump on the ground.

so the weekend is supposed to be fairly nice, so that's good. very happy about that, but on tuesday, as you can see they're saying snow... according to the husband, he said they said it's gonna be a nor'easter. oh boy! it's gonna start monday as rain (oh good, i can still work and not reschedule) and turn to snow for tuesday, where it's looking like it'll snow all day tues. (oh good, atleast i'm not scheduled to go anywhere!) so we'll see what actually happens. one of my clients called my yesterday and asked if we can rescedule b/c he has a dentist appointment. i'm supposed to go on monday. let me just explain that what i do is, i drive to peoples houses all over the state, run their water, and take samples, and return to umass to drop them at the lab. on monday i'm scheduled to go to boxford, which is a 2 hour drive, so when i go there, i like to fill my day with 3 clients. i hate the drive. and at my peak load of clients i was going there 8 times a month... thankfully i'm down to 2 times. (i sample each client monthly for a year). the stupid part is that i schedule my appointments a month in advance, while i'm there testing i schedule the next appointment... now if he had a dentist appointment, why did he say the day was okay. the only thing i can think of is that this was a last minute appoinment he made and the only time that was open. but see, yesterday was teh 26th, and i'm supposed to go on monday which is the 30th... that leaves one day open, tuesday which is spposed to be a blizzard or something.. right... perhaps i can schedule him for the 2nd, when i'm gonna be back in boxford, it shouldn't be a problem as long as he can schedule.. i just have to call.. i mean remember to call. i often forget when i'm home. oh yeah, i forgot to mention i only work 3 days a week, because spending money on more than 2 days of day care is too expensive, mondays evan goes to jay's grandparents house, so that day is free. besides i don't really need to work more than 3 days, but hey the job's saraly, so i don't care.

on weds a friend of mine had a bunch of errands she needed to do before he chiropractor's appt, so i offered to have her oldest over to play while her and the 14 month old had a good time down in hadley doing their thing. we had a good time. it was nice to not have to entertain evan. they just played and played.... i got a couple pictures here...
when evan's at daycare, he loves to play upstairs with wil, so it was no suprise that he kept going upstairs to play with maddy! they were fine.. no loud noises, but a bunch of giggling... so i put down my book, which i was trying to finish... i was on the home strech of about 15 pages, and head upstairs...
the 2 kids are in hysterics... they're jumping on evan's bed! it was actually quite cute, so tamar, i apolgize if maddy starts jumping your bed at home.. i guess it's my fault. i fugured, hey, if it'll tire them out... besides after he has a bath and i put him on our bed to get diapered and dressed he has this thing where he has to jump around for a while. whatever... he kills some energy before bed. i suppose i spoil him in that sense, but my mantra is "you have to pick your battles" and it's worked so far. it'll weaer off or if he becomes recklass, then i put an end to it, but he's okay.
i got some videos of them too, only they're too big to post.

so that's that, and evan is awake now.


  1. Nice new look! like the colors-
    Poor snowman... plop!
    Cute bed jumping pics, just watch out for the dives off... you got a few good dings that way

  2. Love the new template!

    I'm glad all the snow is melting too!

  3. MB - Off with it's head! LOL

    Send some of that snow down this way. We haven't had any in awhile. I'm sure you guys have been getting hammered up there so far this year.

    Oh well, it's still early in the new year!

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  4. snow actually hasn't been that bad.. it's been weird weather up here.. often in the 40's and barely lower and 30 or so during the day... our snow is almsot gone now, thanks to the rain from the storm that came through.