Wednesday, January 18, 2006

wind advisory

i was in the mood for cookies the other night, so i made myself some chocolate chocoate chip ones... very yummy. jay got me a "cookie bible" for christmas, so i thought i'd use it.. i made him some peanut butter ones last week.. it was my turn.. so i made a point to put a baggie of them in my purse for work, but in the process for locating my keys i left them on the futon.... :( no cookies for erica on the drive. what a drag. oh well.

but we week has been pretty good otherwise. we're all feeling better now. i just wish the weather would make up it's mind. give us a winter for heaven's sake... stop with this pseudo spring crap... it was super cold the past 2 days, and now it's heavy wind and rain...
although or snow blower doesn't seem to run when there's snow on the ground so we shoveled this last time. grandpa fiddled with it, andit hasn't been right since... he meant well.. lol... perhaps we can catch an end of season sale in the near future for a new one... i'm not holding my breath. i grew up shoveling and never thought anything of owning a snow blower, except that only a handful in the 'Ham had them.... the ones with the money.i don't think i knew anyone with a snowblower... the funnng is that out here... everyone has one... ours is like 20 years old, so don't think that we have loads of money... ours is third hand in jays family... it was on the way to the dump when we got our house...

so here are a couple of pictures i took on monday.. the first of the year. have a great week!


  1. The wind is crazy, isn't it?! They said we might lose power. That's wonderful.

  2. i hope not..speaking of which... how did you do when the power was out for three hours thanks to the power company a few weeks ago...? it sucked for us... we had nothing... even no heat... we have gas everything, but when the powers out the blower doesn't work... go figure...we went to jay's grandmother's in turner's for the morning... they couldn't have picked a worse week... the morning on a weds.. in the middle of christmas break... did you have to close the daycare for the day?

  3. I did have to close daycare that day. We're not allowed to have the heat below 65 degrees so I knew it just wouldn't work. I went to my mother's house for the morning and waited long enough to come back so the heat had come back on and the house was warm. I'm a big baby. I can't stand the cold.

  4. i hate it when the house is cold too!