Sunday, October 23, 2005

WE went to the cape this past weekend to visit a friend and our family! we had a great time over tyler's new pad, and had a yummy breakfast at IHOP during our trip! here are some photos:

Follow the leader

here's james playing with toys

Evan is the one with the basket on his head. him and his aunt chrissy were playing "boo"

james laughing at something. he' s 10 months old

Evan insisted on wearing tyler's combat boots. it was very cute

evan enjoyin gpuching his aunt and cousin over

James taking some steps all by himself! watch out mama i'm on the lose!

Evan trying to walk in the boots... lol

the quality of some of the pictures is poor b/c i had to brighten them b/c the stupid flash wasn't going off or something and they were dark.


  1. The boys are adorable! Aren't they so much fun at that age?.. and so photogenic?
    All too fast they get older and bigger. I was just changing my sons diaper yesterday, and today he's 19... how time flies!

  2. great photo's!! i copied them all to my comp... you should go check out mine too!!! had fun seeing you guys this weekend, we should do it again!

  3. i've already seen yours christine... yours were good too

  4. even two years goes by fast... let alone 19!