Thursday, October 20, 2005

Interstate Love Song

well not really, it's neither interstate nor love, but it involves the highway and creepy people, so it fits. (and is a very good song written by stone temple pilots....)

many of you know that for my job i drive... alot... and often clear across the state (i'm on the eastside, i'm the west side.. it's not that big..(obscure reference to robinhood men in tights)) and on occasion i come across creepy men who are also driving... this has happened to me twice in my experiences of this job which i''ve had for almost 2 years now, and both of these times occured this summer. this past wednesday was one of these days. i'm driving along route 2 in the left hand lane, and on the right left is a trailor truck passing me. fine. i notice that he starting at me, and continues to do so as i drive by. not fine. i go in front of him onthe right b/c that's what you do when there's a clear strech of road.. you move over. fine. i notice the same fellow get into the left land and slowly pass me, while the entire time he's staring at me, and then when he can no longer turn his head he uses his mirrors. not fine. at this time i tell myself to ignore him.. whatever... at this point i get stuck behind someone going the speed limit.. 55... yeah it stinks..

so i go into the left lane behind said creepy man. fine. i look up into his rearview mirror (he was pulling an empty flatbed and thus had a rear window) and see that he's still looking at me. not fine. giving me the willies in fact. after passing the slow person he pulls off to the right and i attempt to pass him going 75 or so praying that i don't get pulled over but also thinking i had a good excuse... not too worried. so i'm speeding, and he's keeping up with me looking in at me the whole time, and i think he even pulled the airhorn a couple of times, but thankfully WAAF was on, and i was almost oblivious thanks to good rock music.

then i speed up more thank god there were only a few poeple on the highway that day.. and finally i pass the creep going 80 (eep!) on route 2. let me tell you it feels good leaving him in the wind behind a slow person, and knowing that his truck will have a hard time doing that on route 2! i didn't see him again. no loss really.. atleast he didn't try and signal me into the rest area like the sketchy black dude in a beater earlier that summer.

how often to men attempt to pick up women on the highway..? perhaps it was b/c i was driving a big white suburban the the state seal on it, and state plates.

do these guys think i'm stupid... not only am i not stupid enough to interact with these creeps, but I'M WORKING! i have to be somewhere and i have appointments to keep.

and honestly do i look like a hooker? besides i'm happily married with a family and i'm just not going to that.. although if i were my friend janelle from high school she would have.. she's just like that (and let me just clarify this is NOT the same janelle of "meanderings of a weary mind" there were 2 janelles at my school).

the one thing i'll say about the highways in massachusetts is that there are 2 seasons: plowing season and construction season.. either way it's hard to avoid being held up

enjoy you weekend, guys... we're off to the cape as of tomorrow when jasy done teaching. woo hoo! one of our good friends got a job in falmouth and is living in pocasset! we have a free place to stay! well atleast until april when his job should be done, in theory. i'll be back on sunday, and probably driven mad b/c i won't be able to get my blog fix.. it's getting bad.. atleast 10 times a day i'm looking at the blogs i visit, looking for updates and comments and whatnot. it's omething to do when i get bored, often doesn't take long, and well i bored alot, and unfortunatly so doesn't my son... it's been a long week. fortunately his birthday is coming up and christmas so we'll have new toys (hopefully) to keep us busy while it snows out.

wow, that was a long post


  1. My highway repair commentz gotcha, huh? n on late tonight 2, r n't u? Fleen just called to do some em errandz, n finally a new entry to read, yay! But Boo for the creeps, I know those guyz with the eyes, a wonder they don't go off the road!

    See ya soon!

  2. i'm on late b/c i had class until 9:30 plus 1/2 hour drive home.. it's my "late" night.

  3. eww.. creepy. thank you for differentiating the two janelles, although there was this one time mary and i were on a road trip to new jersey, and flashed a car of frat boys... as my mary t would say, good times good times...

    have fun on your trip, hon.