Sunday, October 16, 2005

helmet head

here's one of the latest obsessions of my almost 2-year-old.. we went to a birthday party for his friend maddy on saturday.. he wore his helmet all day.. even had to fight for him to take it off to go to bed... last night he wanted to wear his sneakers to bed, and he was screaming bloody murder over it... his sneakers are kinda clunky so it just wouldn't be comfy.... i sent jay upstairs to get the slippers we got him for christmas... he was happy, and then today, he insisted on wearing those instead of his sneaks! his slippers have a rubber sole so atleast he could wear them outside with no problem! the next year is going to be "fun" i can sense it. lol

1 comment:

  1. That reminds me of that movie Daddy Daycare when the kid wouldn't take off the Flash costume. He was dressed like that for the whole movie. On desperate housewives last week, a kid wouldn't stop carrying around a umbrella that was his imaginary friend Mrs. Mulberry's. Guess it could be worse. Let him wear the sneakers LOL.