Saturday, October 29, 2005

oh the joys

evan's been sick today... not the entire day, but last night he got sick a few times.. i think it was the pizza. he spent some time this morning miserable as well, but was feeling better after some time and some plain toast and water. i think the tylenol helped too. he's fighting every medicine we have except the baby gas medicine... i think it did help settle his stomach... but i know he just likes the taste of it... he won't even take chewable tylenol.. i used to love that stuff when i was a kid. the red ones... too bad at brooks the meltaways by tylenol only come in grape... they don't taste bad or anything... he just doesn't like medicine except the gas medicine... and i've determined that you've got to really love someone to let them throw up one you, not only once, but a few times b/c they don't know what to do with themselves... after a little thinking after that moment.. you must really love someone more to let them throw up on you when they're drunk... hopefully that doesn't happen and they can make it to the bathroom. but haven't you noticed that the ony people "allowed" to throw up on other people are babies, and young children. i'd go as far to say there's less volume.. but c'mon that's not really true.. anyone who'se been around a newborn and attest to that... there can be alot of volume out of someone less then 2 feet tall... it's amazing. sorry to gross you all out.

he's sleeping again right now... he was just starting to get cranky again. i think the tylenol is wearing off, but when i put it in his mouth he just pushes it out and screams or let it drip out and screams or doesn't swallow it and screams... so we'll just let him sleep.. it's naptime anyhow.

evan's party is tomorrow, and i think he'll be fine by the afternoon. if he gets sick again i'll have to cancel it :( and i don't want to do that.

are my readers being lazy and not posting any comments, or haven't i had any readers? i can't tell, and may of you don't seem to be posting either, i know you're all busy and i only work three days a week... no excuses for me i guess.

i should be doig the dishes and cleaning the house... note what i'm doing instead.

ok.. i think i'm done now.

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  1. I just spent weeks cleaning almost everything n trying like heck to get my anthology project going.
    Of course, I've only had to clean kitty barf this week...
    I've been blog n online lazy, trying not to do too much! I'm sure you have readers, but even I've been hurrying lately! Here I am making time for ya at 1:30 am! The peepers are sneaky!