Sunday, October 30, 2005

yuck and even more yuck

can it be? is really only quarter to 2 ugh.. this day is dragging... mostly i think b/c instead of hustling and bustling around to get the party together, we've canceled it b/c evan is too sick.. his temperment has been like a roller coaster the past 2 days.. and of course he only wants his mommy... so i htink i've gone trough a weeks worth of shirts in 2 days. between the drool, boogies and throw up i really don't have much of a choice. he goes from yucky, to happy, to tired and yucky, happy... you get the idea. atleast he's not throwing up anymore! now he just has sinus issues and a low grade fever... last night it went to almost 102. eep! poor kid. i think this is his worst sickness yet.

i've rescheduled his party for next sunday, so we can only hope he'll be feeling more like himself by then.

well atleast it hasn't snowed here yet!

i spent a bunch of time working on evan's costume over the past 2 months, and now he probably won't even wear it.. if he'll wear the shirt and pants for trick or treating.. i'll be happy.. even if it mean we only hand out candy.. i was atleast hoping to go around the neighborhood.

happy halloween

my gooberness amazes me... this is the third time i've edited this post b/c i wanted to add one more thing... so here goes: i hate the time change.. adjusting is a pain in the ass an di know that's one of the reasons why the day is dragging so badly today.

there.. . that's it, really.


  1. Sorry to hear Little Ev is under the holiday radar. Missin the party is a bummer! I didn't call earlier thinkin you'd be really busy!

    Better goto doc n check make sure it's not strep... I'm still sick too, if so- The rest of us prob all got it too...
    (Fever+naus=anti-biotic time).
    All the rain n snow didn't help either, I'm sure!
    Well, at least get some rest in that whole extra hour... messed me up a bit too, now I'm cranked for stayin up til 3a!

  2. Sorry to hear that Evan is sick. My little one missed Halloween last year because she was sick. She was about Evan's age last year.

    Hope he feels better!

  3. Poor little guy. How they get sick so fast, makes you want to take all the pain away if you could.
    Good luck, mommy and daddy... the roller coaster ride is not a lot of fun. Hope Evan gets better for his party next weekend.