Wednesday, October 26, 2005

what great weather we've had...

this october pretty has sucked in the way of weather... mother nature is giving us a break by finally giving us some good weather this weekend. i'm very excited! mainly b/c i'm having a halloween party for my son on sunday afternoon, and not only will it be sunny.. they're saying it'll be 60! score! i just hope the party will be fun.. it'll only be kids and moms probably. the family party will be on the 12th... i haven't sent out invites yet, however i did discover that there's a baby einstein theme out there for parties! if you know my son, you know that he LOVES baby einstein... he's so funny... we got the birthday express catalog in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and he just stares and examines the little baby einstein section. it's very cute.

so i had lunch on tues with a friend whom i hadn't seen in 8.5 years.. holy cow, it sure didn't seem that long ago when we saw each other last. i had a great time... we caught up on old classmates... well ones that we remembered.. and bitched about our families and drove in severly crappy weather... which i might add, janelle, was no where to be seen when i hit the Pike. lol. of course not.

living out here and not being close to my old stomping grounds over the past 8 years has left me feeling disconnected from my old life and friends. everyone went their ways and lost touch from me. i'm anxiously awaiting my high school reunion. seeing what everyone's upto and seeing who has kids and married old classmates and stuff, some of which i learned on tues! i can't wait to see more of my old friends!

i'm drawing a mind blank.. i lost my train of thought. i'm not surprised

enjoy the awesome weather this weekend... quick before it runs away!

here's a video from april... very cute one

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