Wednesday, November 30, 2005

how YOU doin'?

lets start this post on a "lighter" note... hahahaha... it' s hilarous... check it out... but only if you can handle sick humor...

i'm in the process of uploading some little videos from turkey day onto google... hopefully they'll be able to verify them in a timely manner unlike last time, so people can see my crazy, yet loveable family :) ok, so it's just babies, and my aunt jane playing evan... i don't know why but i often get her on video playing with the babies.... i think she's desperatly waiting for some grandbabies :)

evan's asleep in the car out in the driveway.. i can totally see him through the window... he's fine, and it's pretty warm out so i'm not worried.

so i found out today that i need to get my tooth pulled... bummer.. in all honesty, i'm not that upset, but just not looking forward to it... who looks forward to a tooth pulling anyway.. (mom, you don't count) it's just a baby tooth anyway.. it's not s'possed to last until the age of 25 anyhow.... it's a miracle it's lasted this long.. yeah.. i had to baby teeth that never got replaced with adult teeth when they were s'possed to... the other one got pulled out 2 years ago now, while i was pregnant in fact

it's great to hear from old friends again... a bunch of us old fogies from wareham high have signed up on myspace, and have been emailing back and forth... it's been fantastic getting back in touch aftger all these years... most of us have babies now, and it just reminds me how old and grown up we're all getting. don't get me wrong.. i love being all grown up with my own family and my own life, but there's nothing like talking with your old pals after years of losing touch, to catch up, to see who has babies, to see who's gay/lesbian (and there's quite a few!).. ya know.. to see how things are going.

life otherwise has been treating me well. we had a great thanksgiving at my aunt and uncles house.. i put up a few of the pictures and one of teh snow we had! i'm not talkin gflurries either... we had a down right snow storm... it's not even december yet!!! that's ok... as long as it's not bitter cold, it' ok... and as lond as i don't have to drive... it definately sucks to drive in snow, especially across our dear ol' state....

i must sign off now.. for dinner beckons...


  1. nice pix n post. I know I don't count, but hope toothy pulls out alright, n clamp down on that gauze!

  2. That sucks about your tooth. I hate the dentist. I feel your pain. I go to the dentist about once every five years. They terrify me.