Tuesday, November 22, 2005

what's this?? a blog with words in it?

hi all.. i'll admit i've been a lazy blogger the past several weeks. i'll apologize.. i've been hooked to chatting online... but that's another story.

can you believe that thanksgiving is less than 2 days...? not me.. can't wait really. i'll be seeing some family for the first time since my cousins wedding last summer... i'm very excited.. but i'm also very bummed that my family in florida can't make it up... but i'm not surprised either b/c the price of tickets has skyrocketed thanks to the fuel prices. some day we'll see thema again.. perhaps we'll make a road trip when evan is older.

i'd also like to wish myself a happy anniversary... i've been blogging for 1 year this month!! wow.. one year of my thoughts on the web.. and.. people read them. who knew that i was this interesting considering how much i ramble on about nothing.. often my life is duller than an episode of seinfeld... i love the show, don't get me wrong, but my days just aren't as funny as jerry's... it's just not, and i can't help it...

i'd talk about politics, but i don't know where to begin... i haven't really watched the news today or listened to the radio... but if your interested you can go to air america radio online...
they make some very good points.. but i must say, i'm biased, i'm liberal.

i did hear however that gm is laying off more workers... what are these people going to do with out the factory jobs there....that's just too many people in one area to find jobs that don't exist thanks to mr. bush. i'm very glad i don't live there b/c life is going to royally suck for these people in no time. did any of you guys ever see roger & me.. i watched in a politics class i took in college for a gen ed.. it was amazing.. and quite scary.. it was a michael moore film, and we all know how he likes to expose crappy people and their nastiness to the public.

i'm not sure what to say now.. i think i must be done. i'm sure i'll have soemthing interesting to say after thanksgiving.. until then

gobble gobble


  1. Don't worry, Evan will entertain the pahty crowd for ya, won't matter if ya have nothing fun to discuss! see ya a.m. in Metro-west in the snow...

  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!