Saturday, November 5, 2005

a quick blurb

so evan's party is tomorrow... i hope it'll be fun, and i surely hope that evan will where his costume! i haven't pushed it all this week hoping that i can get him in it for his party. he is feeling 100% better again, thank God. nothing like dealing with a sick kid.

our loud neighbors have been cleaning out the garage for the past few days making all sorts of noise and being obnoxious. what else is new.

i've created a page on myspace recently so i could read janelle's other blog and discovered a bunch of old classmates there so i've been glued to my machine waiting for responses to my messages. this has made me very excited. i miss all my old friends.

that's it for now we have to figure out dinner


  1. I did the "I need" thing n then said to self, "Duh! I'm not using my name on here, can't post it!" now need to change name on it...

  2. try searching for "ST needs" and see what comes up...