Sunday, November 6, 2005

birthday photos!

here are the pictures from evan's party today. brace yourself there are quite a few in the post.

caitlin the lady bug. she was very cute. i think i spelt her name wrong... sorry about that paula

here's evan in the costume that i made... of course he's not wearing the hood and hat which would help in his look to be a scarecrow.

miss ladybug want to play with teh new play-doh set! who doesn't!

Geramy is the cow and Isaac is the bee... they were mesmerized by the baby einstein video evan turned on.. that's right folks, he knows how all by himself!

me helping with "pin the leaf to the tree"... the got colored blue. it was supposed to be pin teh stem on the pumpkin, but seeing as how halloween has passed.. i changed the game a bit. the only dry leaves were teh ones that were stranded on the front porch.

here's all the kids in one shot

cutie pa-tootie geramy

the zombie Isaac.

the zombie Geramy

geramy again.

mid play picture

poor isaac was glued to the video. lol it was very cute

i do have more pictures, but these were the best ones. i'm sure we'll have more from his family party next weekend, and then geramy's party the weekend after that.


  1. So cute in costumes! I like the "helping to color" artwork on the creative pin-it board! It's amazing those kids are still getting along so well in a group. Got any "games" planned for next week?

  2. nope, not really... there probably won't be any kids other than evan... perhaps the adults can figure out a game ;)

  3. looks like you guys had tons of fun! wish we could've been there, :( We'll have to get together for sure this week and give him his present. see you soon!

  4. Looks like you had a great party! Glad to see Evan is feeling up to partying.

  5. Hi Erica,
    Looks like we missed the party of the century, what a cute bunch of kids!! We are up to our eyeballs in sickybugs this week. Hopefully we'll see you guys Saturday though for the party!! Our best wishes Thursday to birthday boy Evan!! Love Melanie and Gang!!

  6. we had a great time.. now we're looking forward to the party this coming weekend!

  7. looks like you had fun, too bad i couldn't add a little skunk to the mixture.... but i suppose he would've just eaten the lady bug..... oh well.... hopefully next year