Tuesday, November 1, 2005

i need...

here is something i did for janell's blog, but recently saw herb do it too, so i'm posting my results here so others can do the assignment too.

here it is... go to google.com and type in "your name needs" only actually use your name and don't forget the quotes. then post your favorite 5 things that come up.

here are mine, as previously found for janelle's assignment:

1. Erica needs her family, and her family needs her.

2. Erica needs a nip (lol)

3. Erica needs to travel to England to recover gold owed her
family and restore the family's good name.

4.Erica needs to get up and have a stretch during class if she's sore, or uncomfortable etc ...

5.Erica needs wool pants

most of the comments with my name were refering to the character on AMC. but an entertaining hunt nonetheless.


evan update...
he's still sick, and wanted nothing to do with halloween.. what a bummer. i atleast wanted to take him around the neighborhood, but i couldn't evan get him to touch his costume, let alone put it on... that's it, next year i'll just buy him one, and if he won't wear it, that's ok, atleast i din't put a bunch of hours into making it.

anyhow.. i'm hoping evan doesn't have some sinus infection or anything... he's not vomiting anymore, thank God, and no longer has a fever, thank God, however we are having some serious issues with the leakage of is sinuses! they won't stop.. and it's the gross icky yellow boogies too, which just makes it more yucky. poor kid, he' having a hard time sleeping b/c of it.

but other than that things are going well.. it looks like he'll be well enough for is party on sunday... i was bummed that i had to rescedule it, but i didn't want to get the other kids sick. and he was just miserable, and frankly looked like crap. i have an easy week for work.. can't complain, and thankfully it was the week he's sick...i'm hoping he's feeling better for next week... it's such a pain to have to reschedule appointments, but atleast my number of clients has shrunken to the point that my schedule is longer booked solid with no room for rescheduling...

i'm signing off, b/c evan keeps stirring, and at some point eill need me to wipe his nose.


  1. tell me when ya find the family's gold fortune!

    Seems like I waited forever for the health update... At least ya'll get to use the costume at the party, not a total waste... Ya know we want costume pics!

    The audience will wait...

  2. That sucks that Evan is still sick. Poor thing. I usually give my little one that decongestant by "Little Noses" and it clears her up a bit. If he's still got a lot of snot, maybe the doctor would want to see him? I hope he's all better soon.