Tuesday, November 8, 2005

oh the joys of home ownership

ugh... look at all these leaves! and look how much more still have to come down.... th epictures don't do it justice... atleast the front yeard is very much done thanks the pumpkin trashbags for halloween...oh and raking them onto the garden for the winter. they make great compost for the garden... atleast this year i had a garden in the back yard i can cover up. sweet... less lifting barrells of leaves over the fence behind teh shed like we did last year evan is alseep in the car now would be a great time to work on those leaves... which i will i swear.... once i finish looking at blogs..... right.... i can make that last forever. atleast it's not raining.. and thankfully we live in
a area that is not prone to tornadoes.. the poor midwest... they were sleeping... so sad.


  1. I know what you mean about the leaves. Last weekend, my husband and I went out and cleaned them all up. We had six or seven of those big brown bags full of them. Today, the yard is completely covered and there are still leaves on the trees. Enough already!

  2. hey guys.... i think the joy of home ownership is the home and the security that comes with it.... try living in your boyfriends mothers basement and dealing with a bratty 15 year old who knows everything and people who don't give a shit about making a mess so you have to follow your 11 month old everywhere making sure he isn't eating something he's not supposed to.... on the bright side, we don't have any trees..... sorry about the rant

  3. do you have to exit the house and re-enter it to use the bathroom?? when i lived in jason's mother's basement in order to go into the house we had to exit through the bulkhead to get inside... and this really sucked for me b/c when i was staying there over the winter one year i kept waking up to pee at 3 am... and of course there was snow and stuff i often had to truck through just to go pee...