Tuesday, May 9, 2006

a bit of a snafu

some of you i hear are having problems getting to leave comments... i don't know what happened. it works fine for me and i use firefox. wheni opened teh page in IE, it was giving me crap and not finishing loading for some reason. i checked the page code, and it all looked fine. weird. not sure what to do to fix it... anybody else having issues like this?

the only thing i can suggest is to use a different browser other than IE...


  1. I'm not having an issue leaving comments. I click the thing that says post and then you have to click another thing that says post your comments. It requires two clicks but it works fine. I use FF or Opera.

  2. my mom and her friend both complained that my page weren't loading all the way. i even tried form different locations. firefox always works, and IE just doesn't.. it's bizarre

  3. Well, I got into this one, but I'm not sure if it was because you had a shorter post or not. I have no idea what firefox or opera are, but will check it out on the link you left on my blog.

  4. Ya, this one n all the others but just the last one, work in IE here.
    Ellen, Firefox is the Mozilla browser Neo recommended to you.

    N I can't remember what I'd planned to comment anymore... Long Week! But sorry I didn't comment, feel neglectful!
    Really haven't had time to play with many new things on here yet. Finally did open Google Earth n found my house! (The truck wasn't in the driveway) Scary how close it zooms...
    Got a road map of NZ too! next long wknd soon-