Saturday, May 20, 2006

kid scared the crap out of us today

ok... evan is just too smart (and too strong)for us. we have a back yard and it's fenced in. it's gated and we've been locking it with a make-shift lock with a twisted up coat hanger. well today evan figured it out and went out of the backyard without us knowing long enough it make it to the end of the street. about 30 seconds after he went outside (and mind you we were in the room with the back door, so we were not far from teh gate by any means) we didn't hear him. jay (the husband) got up and said shit, he got out! ack! so he goes out the back door.. i go out the front door and he's calling for the kid. i look down and he's at the end of the street! ack.. our street is pretty quite but not where it meets the next street. and just for reference we're the second house in on the street so it wasn't really that far, but it was definatly too far for him to go without one of us. the neighbor on the other side of the street came out just a second before i was screaming to him to come back now. and jay carried swooped him up, and we brought him in and gave him a time out. we told him it was time out time and after his 2 minutes we told him what he did was very scary and why. we didn't yell, but talked to him about why it was wrong and very scary. we grounded him to no more playing outside for the rest of the day, and no kiddie videos for the evening.

so after dinner we went to home depot and picked us up some padlocks for the gates. if he gets these undone anytime soon, i'm gonna make him take the mensa exam.

btw... evan just turnd 2 1/2 two weeks ago.

we've also bought a chain for the back door so when we're inside he can't open the door... he's a wiz with door knobs, and our doorknobs don't fit in those kid proof things, so forget those...

what a crazy evening


  1. Sorry your day got crazy!
    It happened to me many times... Mostly because of your brave older sis, tho- she had the take-off knack too.
    At least he had the sense not to run down the middle of the road (naked)... Wow- Just wait til he's 16! Chains n padlocks?!?
    Wanna borrow the hand-cuffs? (J/K - but threatening to use them without actually having too sometimes works)

    Good luck at your cage, er home for the rest of the week-end!

  2. we're all okay. evan's fine.. but it was just amazing how smart he is to open up the lockinghting we had... it's been up there for a couple of months... i'm surprised he got it so soon