Monday, May 8, 2006


the weather the past couple of days has been fantastic, and today i have off only by chance. i normally work on mondays but jay's grandmother had a doctor's appt so evan couldn't go. he also came down with some bug over the weekend like he normally does when he gets sick. only this time it was a high fever and chest congestion and most likely sore throut. poor kid.. today is much better, and he's taking a nap right now too! much better than yesterday. he was just plain miserable yesterday. with him being sick, he woke me up one of the nights when he was boiling up and i gave him medicine. we went downstairs watched a bit of bob the builder and threw on the ceiling fan to help cool him down. he fell asleep after an hour or so, but me? i was up until 6pm or so (he woke us up around 2) and man is there absolutely nothing on tv at that hour of the night. comedy central had infomercials for girls gone wild or something, and sadly there wasn't much else on that was better. i guess that's what we get for getting the $12 basic cable. at one point i did come across this show called "fine living and hideaways" where they profiled really expensive homes and spa hotels. to my surprise they profiled the onset pointe inn! it was quite interesting. they also showed a 2 second image of the cup of the bay coffee shop for good measure. that was saturday night, so i only ended up about 3-4 hours of sleep. surpringly i was up later than usual with no naps, and i wasn't even bitchy all day. :)

evan's been riding is bike like crazy! he just loves it. he's really good at it too. which everyone finds surprising b/c he's not even 2 1/2 yet.. in 2 days he'll be 2.5 tho! i guess that's really early to be pedalinga 2 wheeler.. even with training wheels. here's a little video of him.

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he's also taken a huge liking to playing tee ball! our neighbors are big baseball players so they have all the stuff. man did he not want to come home the other day. he pretty much just enjoys hitting the tee over.

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there is his with a couple of the neighbors. he's getting so huge. the nurse weighed him at the dr's office today. lol... he weighs a whopping 36 lbs! he's so big compared to other kids his age. i notice it most when i go to playgroup. otherwise i'm so used to it, i don't notice. he's been over 3 ft tall since december.

the trees inour yard are full of leaves. other trees in the enighborhood we'll still waiting for to finish. still to go is the cottonwood in teh next yard over. damnt hing makes it look like it's snowing in the middle of summer. it "snows" these little puffy things like dandelion seeds all over the place, only the puffy thigns are about th size of pennies maybe nickels i can't recall. but last year we had so little rain we were kicking around about 6 inches of this crap before it finally rained and then my garden got contaminated with all the itty bitty trees/weeds that grew, and that was teh beginning of the end of my garden last year thanks to the weeds. i can only hope that it doesnt' happen again so bad this year.

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