Wednesday, May 17, 2006

stupid rain

i commented this on my mom's page, but it was long so i thought i'd post it as a post:

the flooding on the north shore is wild.. i saw it. the exit i get off of on 495 is on teh line of lawrence and north andover. route 114 in middleton completly flooded. the pictures and videos you see don't do it justice. i almost got myself lost trying to get to boxford b/c the main road to boxford from the highway was closed b/c the road was flooded in several places, and all the other roads i turned down were those friggin' cul-de-sacs.. god i hate those. why don't people build streets that connect anymore. it drives me crazy.. but i did eventually find my way only 5 minutes late to my appoinment... thankfully i left umass 15 minutes early in case there was traffic.. i never hit any... it was a miracle. then to get home i couldn't get on 495 south from my usual place b/c the water flooded the road under the highway to get to the ramp, so i had to hop on northbound and pop a u-ey (sp? lol) i went over teh river which i didn't realize was right there..oh my god.. it was crazy flooded on lawrence....


  1. MB - Man that's just nuts. You guys up north can't get any luck this year. You got nailed in the winter now the floods. Geez, hope you all dry off soon.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  2. Did the trailers down the road there get nailed again yet? Still woderin what canal street water is doing...
    PS Thanks for the cute cards...

  3. and to top it off, it's raining pretty good as we speak... the floods were doing way better when i went back out yesterday.

    the trailors doen the street don't exist anymore. they tore them down after the floods b/c they were uninhabitable, but the rivers out here were fine for the most part. there was minor flooding at teh marina in northampton, and another marina lost it's brand new docks.. but it was nothing like the fall though.

  4. and all the flooding on 114 was gone by the time i was back in the area by thursday. which i thought was pretty damn fast. maybe we should've sent some of our people down to the gulf after the hurricane...

  5. Hmm, not this round, that's lucky.
    I think the MA people have just been so complacent this stuff wouldn't happen here, they all got knocked for a loop- n the damage isin't close to the area n degree as Katrina Zone for sure! It'll be expensive for many regardless- Lots of moldy walls to replace n auto damage.
    Glad it's subsiding quickly, n you're safe!