Friday, May 12, 2006

damn kids spreading germs..

that's right.. i'm damning kids. evan got sick from daycare last week adn edid up having a fever of 102 over the weekend. now he's got a nasty cough. it was a dry hoarse cough on monday when he didn't have a voice. and now it's all junky and he has coughing fits at night. i've got a bug now too. could be allergies i guess, but no fever yet. thank god, but i am taking drugs to help out the sinuses... i'll probably end up being lazy today because of it. drugs always make me tired. damn sudafed with benadryl.

so it's supposed to rain for the next couple days. you heard me right... days... it's not supposed to stop. they've given us a warning for flooding. great. not what we need, but hey we needed the rain. mother nature is bitch slapping us again. can't we just continue with the light rain off and on? maybe mother nature has become a drama queen of the past couple decades.

if bush was watcing our call lists from this house, not only would he be finished at looking at the outgoing call list in 5 minutes, but he'd be immensly bored. we dont' make that many outgoing calls. unless you count call to family, but i doubt that it would count as "terrorist activity" to worry about... maybe it would..hmmm


  1. The weather totally sucks right now. It's like a monsoon and it's neverending! Grrrrr. It's driving me insane.

    Ella is sick, too. She has a horrible ear infection and a rash. They said it's a viral infection causing both. She's on meds now.

    Hope Evan is feeling better and the rain stops soon.

  2. I hope ya didn't need life jackets with today's torrents in GF! Our's weren't that bad!

    Ah, the true meaning of Mom's day, n wipin the kids nose at the same time as yours...

    Hope you all feel better soon, MB, Ev, T, & El

    I mean MOM's Day!

    remember, in case of emergency, steal the neighbors boat...

  3. what boat?! lol.. there no boats... i could always steal ray's 1442 willy's jeep... that'll go through the water like a knife through cake!

  4. Guess the flooding's been very bad in NE MA, so check for road closings before heading out to appts this week! Good luck!
    Talk about contaminated water supplies... this'll be bad! Feel bad for NH, Peabody n Melrose folkz!

    Ya can use the kiddie-pool (empty)as a baby-raft, or the inflatable furniture...
    A row-boat purchase really wouldn't be a bad idea this week!
    Wonder gow Miller's River will do this round...

  5. i meant 1942 willy's jeep, if anyone cares..